Rosmetalloprokat LLC: Charity

Charitable activity is a natural desire of our company to contribute a feasible contribution to the spiritual development of Russia. It is important for us not to care only about their employees and clients, but also about those who need support. Charity image - 1
Parish in the name of Saint Nina Equal to the Apostles
the village of Sadovy, Yekaterinburg
Novo-Tikhvin nunnery
Charity image - 2 Charity image - 3
Foundation for Social Rehabilitation Centers
"The road of life"
Serov Regional Medical College
Charity image - 4 Charity image - 5
Advertising and information magazine
"Main Partner"
Management of culture and youth policy
Charity image - 6 Charity image - 7
Opening of the stella "I love Serov" Help for kindergarten
Charity image - 8  
 Diploma of the interregional conference "Russia without debt"  Help for kindergarten
 Diploma in football