Regional metal trading in Russia

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Key Forum topics:

Consumption and production of metal products in the Russian Federation in unstable economic conditions;
Pricing policy of producers of metal products in the 2021 season, the main pricing factors;
Regions of Russia in the context of metal consumption: who will be the driver in 2021?
Warehouse and transport logistics: problems and solutions, automation issues;
Experience of leading metal trading companies in difficult economic conditions;
Tools of competitiveness of a metal trading company: who will survive, who will leave the market?
Digitalization of the metal market, the development of online stores and marketplace, the effectiveness of various sales channels of metal products
Development of metal service centers and processing of rolled products in Russia
The audience of the conference: managers and specialists of metal trading and metallurgical companies, metal service centers, suppliers of equipment for metal processing and SMC, consumer companies of metallurgical products, employees of commercial services, supply departments and